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Our Psychological Guidance and Counseling Department, which is based on the preventive and developmental guidance model, carries out its activities on the principles of "volunteering", "confidentiality’’ and "trust".

A Psychological Counselor/Guide Teacher works at each grade level.


Our Main Goals are:


·    To help our students to know themselves

·    To help them have general life resilience

·    To help them develop problem-solving skills

·    To help them have effective communication skills

·    To help them take responsibility and know their rights

·    To help them cope with difficult situations

·    To help them realize themselves


In addition to guidance courses, our department supports the emotional, social and academic development of our students through interdisciplinary studies with the following:

·    My Growing Journey: My Body and My Boundaries Program

·    Activities on Child Protection and Child Rights

·   Safe Technology Use and Addiction Prevention Activities

·    Positive School Climate Activities

·    Activities for Academic Well-being


With parents we discuss parental attitudes, adolescence, the role of the family in the emotional-social-academic-cognitive development of children, intra-family communication, and the parent-child relationship. The following studies are carried out.


  • Parent Meetings
  • Parent Focus
  • GroupParent Seminar
  • Parent Newsletters