Dear Parents and Students,

Üsküdar SEV Schools were founded with the experience and know-how gained from our long-established high schools that raised today’s scientists, business people, national athletes, politicians, artists and many other valuable citizens who added value to our country and the whole world. The alumni and educators of institutions dating back to the 1800s- namely Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute and Tarsus American College - have made great contributions to the formation of the intellectual community of the Republic of Turkey, which was founded under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923.


 The Health and Education Foundation (SEV), to which our health and education institutions are affiliated, was established in 1968. Our Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors, consisting of graduates who are representatives of the SEV educational tradition.


Üsküdar SEV Middle School has been providing education in accordance with the mission of the Health and Education Foundation schools since the day of its foundation in 1997. Our aim is to raise individuals who follow Ataturk's principles and reforms, are committed to their country and culture, are able to question under the light of positive sciences, confident and can take initiative, know different cultures well and use Turkish and English correctly.


Each and every one of Üsküdar SEV students, who graduates at the end of the 8th grade with outstanding academic knowledge and values, makes both parents and teachers proud with their success in high school and university years.


As from the first SEV graduates until now, all SEV alumni are connected to each other with love, respect and brotherhood/sisterhood. Each member of our big community adds value to his/her own life and to the lives of others with this consciousness and the SEV values they have earned.


In this academic year,  and in the forthcoming years ;  we - as Üsküdar SEV Schools- will continue to raise young people who will be shaping  our future, just like over the past years.


Best regards,

Saliha Aslan