Dear Parents and Students,


Üsküdar SEV Middle School was established in 1997 by the 150-year-old Health and Education Foundation. With a universal and innovative understanding of education, we aim to raise individuals who are curious, determined, and respectful to the environment and to society.


In our school, 21st century skills and digital changes are quickly reflected in the curriculum so that effective methods and practices are developed, and vertical alignment is carried out for a balanced education in terms of curriculum and school culture from kindergarten to the last year of high school. To this end, the development of our students is monitored using measurable standards.


We give a large place in our curriculum to concepts such as multiculturalism, project-based, student-based and differentiated instruction. These are constantly supported by all departments with an interdisciplinary perspective and international connections, encouraging our students to discover their talents and interests at a young age.


Our institution is accredited by CIS (Council of International Schools), which enables schools to aim for world-class quality and excellence at all stages of education and training.


As part of the SEV family, our students who graduate with the vision and exemplary values ​​they have gained in our schools will continue to make a leading contribution to the society they live in.


Kind regards,


Dr. Duygu Korhan Ülkümen