“Music is the joy, spirit, delight and everything of life.”

“Music is not a part of life but is life itself. In other words ‘Life is Music.’ The only living creatures interested in music are humans. Life without  music does not exist.”      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mustafa Kemal Atatürk



We hear the world before we see it. We need sound to develop rhythm and movement skills as from babyhood. We explore music through cultural and artistic means in advancing ages. We even set up our life on music, if we are interested and talented.


Everyone has a melody s/he feels inside and sings.  You can realize these melodies, create and share your own music.  Students turn their individual creativity and group spirit into a symphony in the secure and safe environment of the Üsküdar SEV Middle School.


Music, like language and main courses, is handled as an effective tool practiced where children can communicate with universal cultures and their inner voices and to speak the musical language in the most competent manner.


It is aimed for students to acquire the following knowledge and skills through our music program


•To raise students who comprehend the importance Atatürk gave to arts and music.

• To develop students’ creativities and eloquence through music.

• To acquire a repertoire of monophonic and polyphonic songs, marches, country music appropriate to the students’ ages and skills.

• To learn basic musical concepts like musical signs, musical note literacy, solfege, etc...

• To develop hearing, listening, using self-voice skills.

• To recognize sound and body harmony through rhythm and motion.

• To improve themselves by choosing a branch instrument appropriate to their interests and skills using correct techniques and education.

• To be acknowledged with national, universal music types, composers and musical compositions.

• To comprehend the authenticity of music by studying the autobiography of the composer

• To express emotions through music.

• To bear witness to the use of music as a language in group studies.

• To make use of technological tools in music.

• To acquire an experience through performing his/her musical composition.

•To turn music into a lifestyle. 


Our aim is  to create  the infrastructure  of  a modern society that values arts  and artists, to develop and canalize  students  according to their musical interests and talents,  get students adopt  the skill and the habit of listening  to qualified music and to play a musical instrument, to create working environments (choruses, orchestras and music groups ) that help  students  to socialize and turn music into a lifestyle.


Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8 students continue to educate in music mainly in branch instrument lessons (piano, violin, and guitar) as in previous years.  The students present performances with musical instruments and make researches on monochronic and polychronic, national and universal music.


Students’ creativity and productivity are essentials of the music classes.  They are provided with opportunities to   acquire a wide-ranging repertoire of musical compositions appropriate for their levels.


Students’ attend the school’s chorus and orchestral studies.  Students study and do researches on national and universal music to get to know the composers and have knowledge about musical compositions.

By using modern technologies and and making research about history of national and universal music, they recognize the major composers of the periods and learn about their works. By making after school violin orchestras, guitar orchestras and school choir studies they play popular pieces in universal music genres.


Students follow all kinds of concerts and activities and innovations related with arts and have knowledge about the use of melodic and rhythmic instruments by including various choral pieces arranged from different cultures,   to their repertoires.


Traditional end of year concerts prepared and performed by the violin, piano and guitar playing students in a professional manner,   treat the audiences to an audio visual feast.