“Everything in nature is mathematics; everything in the world can be explained through mathematics.”

Math helps you to understand everything about life, from science and nature to art and sport. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, math is not a subject in which only a small, exclusive group of people are successful. Children simply need to be kept away from the idea that math is a difficult, boring and frightening subject.



Math helps you to understand everything about life; from science and nature to art and sport. Rather than a serious and frightening subject, mathematics is a way to help us understand life. This is an understanding that we try to instill in our students. Math is more than just information.

The math program at Üsküdar SEV Middle School has been designed in a way that, far from learning by rote, students learn to think analytically and use logic and discover the mathematics that exists within their everyday lives.



The program is designed in accordance with the Ministry of Education curriculum for grades 5-8 and is enriched with various activities and materials.

Time is also given in lessons to the PASS Theory, smartboard activities and real-life contextual situations. When studying geometry students use the Cabri 3D program to help develop their understanding of geometry.



Gauss Mathematics Contest

20 students selected from volunteers from grades 7 and 8 participate in this competition organized by the University of Waterloo in Canada. After careful preparation, the selected students participate in the exam, which is held in the school in May.

SEV Mathemetics Competition

Ten students selected from volunteers in grade 8 participate in this competition between the SEV Schools held in April.


Math Without Borders

Math Without Borders is an international tournament organized by Bulgaria for students from grades 5-8 in teams  of 5.The selection is done through exams held in the fall, winter, spring seasons and the finals.


Destination Imagination

Destination Imagination is the world’s biggest creative thinking  and  project   formation organization. The aim is to promote creative thinking, competing with their skills in techniques  and artistic talents. The students participate in teams according to their ages for the categories called Team Challenge and Instant Challenge.



This exam aims to alter the misconception that mathe lessons are hard and boring. On the contrary, it enables them to mak connections with real life.The teams are composed of five among students from grades 5-8.The contest is held every year in the third week of March all around the world with the participation of more than 6 million students. Students are aged between 7-18 in the six different categories with 24-30 questions that lasts for 75-90 minutes.  

We are always keeping up with the recent national and international contest, activities and exhibitions.



This is a club composed by grade 5-7 students where they cherish the ability of thinking mathematically and increase their art and crafts through playing high level math  games.