The general desire of reading in a nation, does not decrease disaster arising from individual unawareness.

                                                                                                            MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK

Our media center serves our students, our faculty and all academic branches. 

Our collection is organized using Follett Destiny automated program.  Our system is available via the Internet to all of our users.  User computers are connected to our school’s network and Internet.  In our media center is technologically equipped to support learning in all classes, as well as in our computer lab.

Our collection is rich, new and continuously updated with high quality publications.  We have reference materials, periodical and electronic resources in both Turkish and English.  There are also book in second foreign languages to support learning.

Our school’s education and training falls under the umbrella of “Library Courses”.  Not only do students have the opportunity to visit the library and check out books and other materials, but also we have developed a program to provide library education to our students.

Our media center allows our students to access information quickly and efficiently in the growing age of technology.  We foster independent reading for enjoyment.  We help to develop curiosity,  investigation, questioning, critical thinking and literacy skills.