Learning a new language, is just like opening a new window, to see the World.”

       Chinese Proverb  

In a 1995 white paper on education and training, the European Commission set as an objective that all EU citizens should be proficient in at least two European languages as well as their mother tongue. The aim of this is to ensure a scientific, cultural, political and economic union in a Europe made up of different languages and cultures.

The second foreign language program at Üsküdar SEV Middle School begins in grade five and offers students a choice to study German, French or Spanish. Students continue to study the same foreign language they choose throughout the middle school education, in order to maintain consistency. In addition to the curriculum planned according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, the program aims to provide students with the opportunity to discover the culture of the language they study.

The aim of this program - besides teaching a second foreign language- is to promote raising individuals who can benefit from the modern world’s treasures with linguistic diversity and who are productive, creative and can show empathy. 

In addition to introducing our students to a second foreign language, our aim is to educate them as individuals who experience the advantages of the modern world with the help of the diversity of foreign languages, are productive, creative, empathetic and have the consciousness of being world citizens.


Our Main Objectives:

  • Understand written and oral texts in level A1 ;
  • Pronounce words correctly;
  • Communicate  using simple sentences;
  • Learn about the culture of the language they study.
  • Benefit all advantages of a new language


We support our students with worksheets, memory cards, flash cards, word games, DVDs, smartboard applications, technology supported online websites and interactive workshops to reach our objectives. Projects and competitions that introduce aspects of cultural studies improve the students’ desire to learn.


Our department follows and internalizes all innovations for students to use and realize the language in the most effective way.