‘There are somethings people need, to become mature.  A nation who cannot make sculptures and cannot draw and paint and do the things required by science; one must admit that such a nation has no place on the road to progress.’

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Art presents exceptional sensations and opportunities for people to live in peace both with themselves and with others.  On the other hand, it provides opportunities to tame the primitive emotions of self and glorify them.  The perceptions of the people who are interested in the arts expand and their consciousness improve.


Arts has the redemptive function of making life more beautiful but also more meaningful, fulfilling the inner satisfaction and educating the individuals and the society. This function emerges to provide the enrichment of the psychic world of the individual. In this sense, the art educates the one who understands about their real self and to understand necessitates to be interested in arts starting at younger ages.


People internalize and embrace culture through the arts.   Being interested in  the arts, improves wellbeing and makes more inclined to help others , enriches the environment, develops empathy skills, improves taste of aesthetics and  provides inner peace with a healthy state of mind.


Visual Arts Education program aims students to acquire the following knowledge and skills;


-Development of visual literacy and aesthetics

-Acquirement of knowledge, skill and understanding of fundamental applications and main concepts of visual arts

-Reinforcement of interests and skills

-Development of arts and crafts skills

-Following the recent developments in the arts.

-Understanding the importance of the cultural heritages.

-Expressing themselves through art using the knowledge, tools, materials, skills, techniques effectively and safely

-Interrelating visual arts with the other disciplines

-Comprehending the uniqueness of an art work.

-Acquiring the habit of cooperation in team works.




The visual arts education program is supported by the extracurricular and club activities.


-       Students attend national and international art contests

-       Students are taken to exhibitions according to their grade levels.

-       Students attend the national and international art tours

-       Artist talks are arranged at school.

-       Practical activities are arranged throughout the year by the companies selling art supplies.

-       Yearly-spread activities correlated with social responsibility projects are organized at school

-       Social responsibility projects are included during the year.

-       Visual Arts exhibition is held at the end of each year.



Art Club

It is a club where we work to develop our students' imagination and make them concrete, reveal their skills and abilities. The student actively uses the English language in the club.


Painting Club:

Students in this club, explore the different areas of the visual arts and individually or as a team will get excited to create and introduce new works.  Also they will find the opportunity to search for the auto-biographies of artists, discover and get to know them.