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"The human mind is the fertile soil in which the seeds of curiosity are transformed into knowledge and where courage leads to creativity."


At SEV Schools, students are brought up as bilingual individuals in an environment where they are exposed to various cultures and languages at the same time. The students are provided with not only an enriched academic program but also extra-curricular activities. While doing this, the most crucial philosophy here at SEV is to maintain full loyalty to Atatürk’s main principles and reforms.

All educational activities are designed in order to develop students’ mental, physical, emotional skills and aim to build self-esteem.  Additionally, it is important to encourage students to develop a multi-dimensional personality and to show perseverance to expand the limits of their capability and to take pride in who they are and what they have achieved.

The learning process is student-centered and is designed on the basis of teaching students how to maximize their learning both within and outside the school environment.  All methods, techniques and styles of learning used during the lessons aim to establish permanent knowledge in the students, to support and present opportunities to them so that they can use the information given.