“True goodness springs from a man's own heart. All men are born good.”

Confucius (Chinese philosopher)


At the SEV Schools, carrying out social services is a tradition. Just like the great philosopher, we believe that people are born good and we try to nurture the seeds of goodness in our students.

From a young age children begin to learn to live with others, to be aware of social differences, and to recognize and carry out their role and responsibilities in society. Throughout our lives we experience many events that test our conscience. The social service activities that we organize in our school from grade 1 onwards, help prepare our students for these challenges.

At every grade level students participate in various social service activities under the supervision of a teacher. Students determine which area they would like to be involved in, determine the needs in that area, come up with creative ideas in order to raise funds to meet those needs, develop and cary out a project and, finally, recognize that a positive development has taken place in the world thanks to their hard work.