‘People need somethings to become mature.If a nation doesn’t paint  or make sculptures, that nation cannot progress.’

                                                                                                                                 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk


Art enables people to both live with themselves and with the others in peace.  It also helps praise primitive feelings.  The people who are interested in art has a higher level  view of themselves and developed conciousness.

Through art people reach their culture. They embrace it and keep it safe. Being related to art is an effects the way a person has confidence in himself, enrich his environment, has a taste of aesthetics. It also is effective on people having the ability to emphatize with each other,staying calm and mindful, having a healthy state of mind and being sensible.

Art directs people to thinking.Thinking develops one’s cognitive and psychological skills.

Art is a medium which meets the social and spiritual needs. People  express themselves through art and art makes the expressions become concrete. It also hels helps people get in contact with each other.

Through the education of visual arts at Üsküdar SEV Primary school, our targets are to bring up individuals who

• have the consciess of visual literacy and aesthetics

• have the knowledge, skill and understanding of fundenmental applications and main concepts in the area of visual arts

• can takean active part in and evaluate the debates about visual arts

• observe the nature and origins of visual arts and question the value of it

• consciously follow the up to date objects of culture and art

• have the understanding of the importance of the cultural heritages and protect them

• expres themselves through art using the knowledge, tools, materials, skills, techniques effectively and  safely

• interrelate visual arts with the other disiplines

• show ethic behaviour in the area of art

• know the professions related to art

• observe his environment, be inspired by it and carry it to the next generations is willing to learn and apply visual arts