Dear Parents and Students,

Uskudar SEV Elementary School was founded by the Health & Education Foundation in 1997 under the establishment of the American Board Commission Schools, which has over one hundred years of experience and excellence in education. Besides giving an education that complies with the principles of the Turkish National Education, our school also provides an enriched academic program, an English language learning environment, art and sports activities as well as an active social life from its innovative and experienced faculty.

The philosophy of our school and of our student profile is that we strive to provide an education in which teaches Ataturk’s Principles, encourages lifelong learning, fosters skills, attitudes and information that are essential for a lifetime, develops pride in one’s own culture, praises tolerance and respect for differences as well as cultivates students who have a near-native level of English.


English education at our school is not just a lesson, but rather a part of our bilingual educational environment and as a way of natural communication.  Our international teachers help lead activities that enrich our program by bringing their own cultural experiences to our School.


We consider our school clubs and community service activities to be an important instrument for supporting individual exploration and growth to our students.  We value teaching our students citizenship skills in order for them to be productive members of a democratic society.


As the SEV family, we lovingly embrace all of our students and are proud to be a part of their development.


Respectfully Yours,

Ayşegül Gülebakan