Dear Students and Parents,

Üsküdar SEV Elementary School is one of the precious schools of the Health and Education Foundation, which was founded by the graduates of Üsküdar American Academy, İzmir American College, Tarsus American College and Talas American Secondary School.


Our students, who are brought up with a modern and contemporary approach that blends Atatürk’s principles and reforms with the deep-rooted historical background, continue their educational journey as citizens of the world. During this journey, our goal is to protect the cultural values ​​of our students while providing them with the educational environment they need to become individuals who recognize and respect other cultures with an international perspective.


We believe that the more our students, who think, question and take responsibility for their own learning, get to know themselves in the first years of their education, the better they will influence and develop both themselves and their environment. Our students, who are made aware of the changing world conditions such as climate crises, technological developments, global issues affecting all humanity, by being exposed to age-appropriate content, and who grow up knowing that they have a say in these issues, will continue to add value to both the society they live in and the world.


As a member of our SEV Family, in line with our academic excellence goal, we will continue to raise students who know themselves, know the world, are socially aware and make a difference in the society they live in, by putting their innovative ideas into action.

Best Regards,

Ayşegül İskender