“Work banishes those three great evils: boredom, vice and poverty.”

Voltaire (French writer and philosopher)


At Üsküdar SEV Schools we do not believe in “free time”; we believe that every moment of our time should be filled with something, and the value of time is determined by what fills it. Throughout their lives, we want our students’ time to be filled with science, art and sport, with useful and fun activities that will help them in their personal development. Club activities help to improve students' self-awareness and offer many important opportunities throughout their development. They learn to think, act, win, lose and carry on together, as a team.

Clubs allow the students to recognize and then develop their abilities and interests through participation in activities. In the clubs, they improve their self-confidence and skills. Clubs are important for the students’ social development. They also enable the students to socialize and to experience the democratic process first hand and to manage teamwork.



2020-2021 Academic Year

Üsküdar SEV Elementary School Clubs



*Nature Sports Club


In developed countries, millions of people socialize through 'NATURE SPORTS’. In this club, students get a chance to learn the principles of nature activities and participate in these activities in a safe environment. They also develop their climbing skills with 'sport climbing'; which we practice on the climbing wall in the bubble located on our campus.

Semestral/ Language: Turkish/ Level: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades


*Quilling Club

In this club, students use special tools to fold and curl strips of colored paper to create their own designs. Strips of paper turn into flowers, animals, people or even sceneries in their small hands! This club aims to help students develop their creativity, self-confidence and concentration span. It also provides them with a sense of aesthetics. After being displayed, student work is sent home at the end of the semester.   


*Origami Club


In this club, students create three-dimensional shapes by folding paper without using glue. Practicing origami helps students to develop their fine motor skills; improve their visual memory and learning abilities. It also provides students with a chance to uncover their creativity.



*Modern Dance Club


Modern dance is a means of expressing emotions and feelings through movement. It makes use of improvisation and composition. By participating in the modern dance club, students develop posture, flexibility and a sense of aesthetics through music and rhythm.


*Photography Club


In this club, students are introduced to the art of photography and photo shooting techniques. This club enhances students’ observation skills and helps them develop different viewpoints. Students will have a blast taking photos!


*Cake Decoration Club


This club aims to strengthen students’ sense of responsibility and teaches them division of labor. It also improves their fine motor skills. The focus of the club is to create different recipes.


*Fashion and Jewelry Design Club


This club aims to enrich students’ creativity and visual experiences by helping them create their own designs via different activities. Students get to use their imagination and come up with their own jewelry using different materials such as beads, strings etc.  


*Caricature Club


In this club, students draw charcoal pictures with a sense of humor. They get to express their emotions and thoughts in a creative way.


*Fencing Club


Fencing is one of the primary branches in Olympics and requires a high level of physical and intellectual performance. Fencing provides students with a vision of success, failure and hard work. It also improves their organizational skills and goal- setting abilities. Fencing also teaches students self-discipline.


*Gymnastics Club


The purpose of the club is to improve students physically and mentally through physical activities. It also aims to help students gain proper posture by doing gymnastics and by dancing to the music. Students also learn to cooperate and work as a team. They present their show at the end of the academic year.