Second Grades


In Social Science courses, it is our primary aim for our students to become more familiar with themselves and with the world they live in. Our students have the chance to develop their problem-solving skills, critical and creative thinking skills, decision-making skills, and research skills while engaging in various activities. School field trips are also an important part of our lessons, as they enhance the in-class project-based group activities, which are conducted in line with the understanding of learning through personal experience and hands-on activities.


In Turkish courses, our aim is for our students to develop their language skills related to listening, watching, speaking, reading and writing, communicate effectively, and to understand how to use these skills throughout their daily lives, while gaining proper reading and writing habits.


Through the texts books and multi-cultural books, and in accordance with the themes, it is aimed for our students to:

• Develop their listening/observing, speaking, reading and writing skills.

• Use Turkish consciously, accurately and carefully in accordance with the rules of speaking and writing.

• Enrich their vocabulary to further enjoy the language and be more conscious about it.

• Express their views in a certain, effective and understandable way, both with verbal communication and writing skills.


In Math Lessons; our aim is for our students to gain analytical thinking skills, problem solving skills and four operations skills. Social skills are developed through various group activities in the classroom, and permanent learning are supported with the usage of various math materials by taking concrete learning period characteristics into consideration. Natural numbers and four operations, fractions, geometric objects and shapes, spatial relations, patterns, length-time-liquid measurement are taught through various activities. Information and communication technologies are also utilized to help strive for further achievements..