First Grade Courses:


In Social Studies courses, our priority is for our students to adopt proper attitudes, behaviors and habits that will enable them to become respectable people and proper citizens, while developing into a healthy, consistent and balanced personal character. We involve our students in activities regarding Ataturk's life, national and religious holidays, understanding the school’s principles, following school rules, properly communicating with people at school and at home, taking care of personal hygiene, recognizing the proper precautions to be taken to protect her/himself, having awareness of the plants and animals in their surroundings, learning about the seasons and their differences, the importance of recycling, etc.


In Turkish courses, we aim for our students to develop their language skills related to listening, watching, speaking, reading and writing which they can use all through their lives to communicate effectively, and to develop proper reading and writing habits. We use sound-based teaching in the first reading and writing lessons. The first reading and writing lessons, we teach upright main letters. Following the first reading and writing lesson with textbooks and multi-cultural books, the thematic direction is determined by the goals below in which we aim for:

• Developing listening/observing, speaking, reading and writing skills.

• Using Turkish consciously, accurately and carefully in accordance with the rules of speaking and writing.

• Enriching their vocabulary to further enjoy the language and to be more conscious about how to use it.

• Expressing their views in a certain, effective and understandable way, both with verbal communication and writing skills.

In our learning and teaching processes, information and communication technologies are utilized. The use of these technologies enriches teaching strategies, while supporting student learning.


In Math courses, learning areas are focused on numbers and operations, geometry, measuring and data processing, natural numbers, addition and subtraction operations in natural numbers, fractions, geometric objects and shapes, spatial relations, patterns, length-time-liquid measurement, which are conducted with various activities. Our math lessons are designed to improve the mathematical thinking skills of our students. The studies and activities conducted in accordance with this plan follow a sequence that ranges from simple to complex. In order to make matters more comprehensible and concrete, various mathematical materials are used in the courses and practices. In addition, information and communication technologies are also utilized to help strive for further achievements.