“A child has many years ahead of him in which to learn, but he has no time to waste in developing his personality."

J.J. Rousseau (French philosopher)


Our Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit offers academic and individual support to students and their parents in order to help our students complete their development in the happiest and healthiest way.

Guidance and psychological counseling could be defined as offering an individual regular and professional support in order to ensure a healthy personal and social development. The aim of the unit is to help our students to:

  • Know themselves (recognize their general and individual skills, interests and beliefs as well as their strengths and weaknesses);
  • Understand their environment (know what can help or hinder their development in the environment in which they live);
  • Develop their problem-solving skills
  • Fulfill their potential (discover and make the most of their hidden abilities and talents, take pleasure in life and look at life in a meaningful way);
  • Undergo a healthy physical, cognitive, emotional and social development;
  • Develop their decision-making skills and ability to adapt to different situations;
  • Be able to communicate well with others and embrace a positive attitude to life.