The Preschool program has been designed with the idea that every child is special and unique.

Our program follows the personal development of our students. We aim to provide opportunities that will help them express themselves creatively, be confident, tolerant, respectful to others and their opinions, and be responsible individuals.  We encourage our students to actively participate at all times.  Our preschool program is based on the Ministry of Education’s program and is enriched to cover different learning areas.


Daily Program:


08.15-08.45:  Students arrive at school

Pre K and Kindergarten students have their breakfast between 08.45 - 09.45 in turns.

After completing the date section of the “My Day” Notebook, students begin the day by doing their morning exercise, zumba and Orff activities. Then begins the Circle Time activity in Turkish and English.  


After free play, the classes begin at 09:45.  


Classroom activities are between 10:00 and 12:00, and 12:30 and 14:00.


Classroom Activities:


•       Turkish Language

•       Reading and Writing Preparation

•       Art Activities

•       GEMS ((Great Explorations in Math and Science)

•       Science and Mathematics Activities

•       Games and Action Activities

•       English (daily dual language program)

•       Music (once a week)

•       Drama (once a week)

•       Visual Arts (twice a week)

•       Physical Education (twice a week)

•       Life Competencies (four times a week)

•       Around the World (twice a week)

•       iPad for Kindergarten Classes (once a week)

•       Counselling (once a week), in addition to various group and individual activities that help our guidance counselor learn more about the students.


1.:45 – 12:45:  Pre K and Kindergarten students have their lunch in turns.

14:15:  Snack Time

14.30-15.00:  Free Play

15.15:  Service buses depart from school.