Dear Parents and Students,


If education is a journey, the first steps to this journey are taken at the kindergarten. Preschool is a home-like place where the child experiences his/her first moments away from home and his/her parents’ affection.


We lay the essential foundations of the education journey that our children will go through in their future lives taking our strength from our roots and more than a hundred years of institutional experience. We fulfill our duty to follow Atatürk’s principles and fundamentals of The Turkish Republic and our country while raising individuals who will always remember their origins as well as facing Science, Art and Civilization.


Our students not only have the opportunity to acquire a language but also they are provided with a rich academic content and ultimate objectives of an early childhood period under the guidance of our teachers from different inter-cultural backgrounds thanks to all the subjects we apply within the scope of our Dual Language Program.


 “Happy school, happy child” principle has always been our main guide.


We would like to welcome all our children with our sincere feelings of love and affection as Üsküdar SEV Preschool and wish them a bright path in their education journey.


Respectfully Yours,

Berfu Arslan Ağırsoy