“My God, give me only this in life and it will be enough: a house full of books and a garden full of flowers.”

Confucius (Chinese philosopher)


Although technological developments have brought information storage capacity to unbelievable levels, we do not believe that electronic publishing is a threat to books. You just need to spend time with children in a library to see that we are right. However, today it is no longer possible to limit a library to print materials. Students of today need to make use of information technology in order to access the resources they need for their academic development, particularly in a multilingual and multicultural educational environment.

We have a total of around 2,000 Turkish and English books. New books are added to our collection every year and the library also provides students with access to various magazines and three newspapers in English and Turkish.


Books in our collection are organized by topic using the Dewey Decimal System. From grade 2 our students receive special library lessons in which they learn library skills and develop their research techniques.


Computers reserved for library users are connected to the school network and to the internet. Since 2006 we manage our collection with a library automation program called Destiny, which can be accessed over the internet. With Destiny our students can access our school library catalogue as well as that of Üsküdar American Academy. The program also provides web links for specific topics.


Our library also functions as a media center, with video rooms, a video conference system, presentation areas and computer sections.