Responsibility System:
Our “Responsibility System” is a way for students to help develop their sense of responsibility and self-control.  Every day different children are assigned to five areas (class, communication, supplies, toys and lining up).
The tasks change every day, so that each child has a turn of being in charge of each. A “Responsibility Board” is prepared, with the children’s names and their chosen symbols. The system works by moving the responsibility cards down the board each day. Thanks to this system, over time the children learn to take pride in their responsibilities and carry out their set tasks without needing to be told to do so.
Sharing Time:
On Mondays, children discuss what they did at the weekend and we ask them to bring an object related what they did into school to share with the others.
Our Projects:
As a way to achieve the school’s mission and goals, there are five ongoing projects in the kindergarten.
Happy School – Happy Child
Only when children are shown examples of positive social behavior can they learn how to deal with problems and learn problem solving. Based on this principle, our school implements the "Happy School- Happy Child" project. Building positive character traits and learning ways to prevent problems are the priorities.
Values Education:  3 “S” in Turkish: (Respect, Patience, and Responsibility)
Social Responsibility:  Making a difference by touching someone else’s life.
Intellectual Literacy: Our programs (“Composer of the Month”, “Artist of the Month” and “My City” programs) are ways to raise intellectual awareness. 
Eco-School:  This project helps to foster individuals who are sensitive and responsible for the environment.