Academic studies emphasize the importance of being exposed to the target language in early childhood. Children first observe others around, they imitate and interpret what they hear. Finally, they produce words using their speaking skill. It is essential to create a life-like setting in order to make it possible for children to learn the target language in a similar way that they have acquired their first language. Thus, we have launched our ‘Dual Language Program’ in 2019-2020 Academic Year.

A preschool homeroom teacher and an English homeroom teacher will spend the whole day doing activities with their students. The aim of this program is to improve cognitive, social and motor skills as well as language skills using same themes in English and Turkish concurrently. Lots of international programs have been adopted in an eclectic way to identify the themes that are connected to the real life, aligned with MEB curriculum and promote global awareness. Also, content such as GEMS (Great Explorations in Math and Science) that provides children in early childhood with the Math and Science background needed for their future lives is integrated in English and Turkish to make life-long learning possible and it supports their desire to question and explore.

Native speaker teachers do activities to improve students’ listening and speaking skills through stories and readers that match with the themes every day. They also aim to boost students’ creativity using those contexts mentioned.

Problem-solving, cooperation, communication and creativity, shortly 21st Century Skills, are a must-have in our programs as we aim to prepare our students for their future lives. They will be able to achieve their career goals in any field as long as they have gained those skills. ‘Skills Development Program’ is one of the essential components of our system.

On the other hand, “Global Citizenship” which is an essential component of CIS (Council of International School), which we are accredited with, plays a vital role in our lesson content both in Turkish and in English. National and International Days and global values are among the goals that we aim to reach for global awareness and social responsibility.

 “Wake up Activity” and “Circle Time” sessions that we are going to start our day with in an energetic way and “English in Action” activities that will make it possible to learn by having fun are a part of our daily routine.