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“Children can all do better, but if and only if they are better understood by adults and helped to succeed….”

                                                                                                                                                             Dr. Mel Levine

In the kindergarten, we use an integrated approach that supports the holistic development of our students, and deals with social and emotional, motor, cognitive, language development and self-care skills. Our program is based on the goals of the Ministry of Education’s program, and is then enriched with various activities.

We help our students reach their potential by offering developmentally appropriate educational activities.  

The content of our program includes activities that work on problem solving, creative thinking, strategy development, and different thinking skills.


Our Preschool helps our students to: 


·         Begin building a foundation in cognitive, social, emotional and physical development areas for the primary school level.

·         Enjoy researching and experimenting

·         Learn and practice social skills to use with their peers.

·         Improve physical and verbal skills used to express oneself.