Uniforms do not hide our students’ identity, they make them part of a community.


During a period in which children want to express themselves and are open to all kinds of influences, allowing them to come to school without school uniform may have unexpected effects on their social and personal development. No student likes the idea of wearing a uniform but families and teachers know very well how practical uniforms are in terms of helping students to focus on their lessons and ensuring social equality on campus.


The uniforms at Üsküdar SEV are comfortable and made of practical fabrics and colors that are in accordance with the student dress code of the Ministry of Education. Students wear different uniforms in summer and winter and also for their physical education classes.

School Uniform Rules

  • Students must wear the summer or winter school uniform determined by the school, in accordance with the Ministry of Education dress code.
  • Girls must tie their hair up at the back neatly.
  • Students must not wear earrings, bracelets, rings or other items of jewellery at school.
  • Boys’ hair must be cut short.
  • School uniforms are to be purchased from the school sales office.
  • Students must write their name on each item of their school uniform, enabling them to be found more easily if lost.
  • Students who do not follow the student dress code will be given a warning. If the dress code is still not followed after receiving a warning, disciplinary procedures will begin.


* Clothing must feature the school’s logo. For physical education lessons students wear a tracksuit.