The Health and Education Foundation was established by alumni of Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute, Tarsus American College, and Talas American College. With its American high schools and primary schools, SEV enjoys prominent standing in the Turkish education system. It cultivates socially responsible, confident, and self-aware students who respect society and the world. The Foundation also expands superior educational and health services and publishes reliable, influential publications that shape children’s literature. SEV embraces the vision of constant improvement of all its services, development of scholarship programs for accomplished and disadvantaged students who study or wish to study at its schools, and preservation of its core values, all while using modern day tools.

The board of trustees, most of whom are graduates of American schools, and the board of directors manage SEV on a volunteer basis. A team of professionals and graduates reports to the board of directors at the Foundation to ensure the continuity, growth, and administration of SEV.

SEV Mission

The mission of SEV is to nurture globally-minded, well-rounded, happy individuals who make positive contributions to society by way of their academic achievements and social consciousness.
SEV’s Approach 
The Health and Education Foundation’s educational philosophy calls for its academic institutions to raise individuals who are sensitive to the needs of their communities, a philosophy which is consistent with the Foundation’s overall goal of furthering social awareness as a responsibility. In all fields of the Foundation’s health and education services, SEV regards the contributions it can make to public life as a priority. Within this scope, SEV’s educational institutions raise students who exhibit a high degree of social awareness and who have the capability to both design and implement projects in such fields as education, culture, sports, and art.


Institutions Affiliated with SEV:

Üsküdar American Academy (UAA)

American Collegiate Institute (ACI)

Tarsus American College (TAC)

SEV American College

Üsküdar SEV Schools

İzmir SEV Schools

Tarsus SEV Schools

SEV Publishing House (Redhouse)

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