Üsküdar SEV Schools is a private Turkish school, that has been affiliated with the Ministry of Education since 1997. Our school is comprised of a primary school, an elementary school and a middle school located on three different campuses.

Our students are given a modern education that is set in the principles and reforms of Ataturk, we are continuously enhancing technology to provide a unique higher education. Our primary goal is to educate culturally and academic competent individuals. In order to achieve this goal, we hand select the finest Turkish and foreign teachers, providing professional development to enhance our overall academic program. 

Our students, who start their education life in our kindergarten campus at the age of 4, lay the foundations of English skills within the framework of our bilingual education program during the two years they spend there. They are prepared for Primary School with the philosophy of “Happy school, happy children”, which is the starting point of love for school and learning. Throughout their Primary School years in the Beylerbeyi Campus, our students have the opportunity to learn about sports, art, music and technology as well as academic subjects, and discover their interests and talents in this direction. They step into their Middle School years as individuals who do research and ask questions, while respecting the world and their environment.

In both our elementary (which has a recently-built-Activity Center) and middle school buildings we have visual arts workshops, music rooms, mind lab workshops, computer labs and science labs.  There is a library in each of the elementary and the middle schools that has more than 30,000 titles combined in literature, history, science and art in both English and Turkish. 

On the middle school, we have an auditorium with a large stage and a mini auditorium in the elementary school that are used for student performances and presentations. In our elementary school and middle school, we have many clubs and community projects which provides both community support and helps our students to discover new areas of interest and develop community skills.