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The human mind is a field where the seeds of curiosity grow into information and the seeds of bravery into creativity.

Students at Üsküdar SEV Schools are educated in a multicultural and multilingual atmosphere and our rich academic and extra-curricular programs help them to develop into bilingual individuals with an awareness of different societies, nations and culture, without sacrificing any of Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

At SEV, our educational activities are designed to develop students’ intellectual, physical and emotional skills and self-confidence, to help them become well-rounded individuals, to enable them to act bravely in broadening their personal horizons and to be proud of the work that they do, while encouraging them at every step of this process.

Education at our school is student-centered. Our programs focus on learning to learn and we strive to create a positive learning environment. Teachers employ methods, techniques and activities that help students use the information that they learn, in order to ensure long-term learning.